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Harvey J
Harvey J Hip Hop Artist.jpg
Harvey J at Miami Fashion Week
Background information
Birth name Harvey Justice III
Also known as Chef Remy, OMGITSHARVEYJ, Harvey J
Born (1996-03-02) March 2, 1996 (age 20)
Durham, North Carolina
Genres Hip hop, Electronic Dance Music,
Occupation(s) Musician, singer-songwriter,
Associated acts Skrillex, Master P, OWSLA,
Website http://www.omgitsharveyj.com
Notable instruments
Henny Bottle

Harvey J (born Harvey Justice III) is an independent recording artist and celebrity chef. He is most known for his musical work in the genre of Electronic Dance Music. The year 2015 spawned his commercial debut "Make It Bounce" with Trollphace, released under OWSLA.[1] Thanks to cosigns from the likes of high profile DJ’s such as Skrillex and Chuckie, Harvey’s debut went on to chart #7 on iTunes Dance Charts and it remained in the Beatport Top 100 Dubstep Charts for 96 days.[2] Harvey has amassed a massive following from his self-promoted "Pancakes & Chevy Tour" as well as releasing a string of songs and viral skits on his Facebook page.[3][4]

Musical career[edit]

Harvey started his musical ambitions online, as he pursued recognition on his Facebook Page. His first success came upon the creation and release of the song "Durham Boiz", paired with the movement of 4 other rappers from his hometown they quickly gained regional attention getting over 500 spins of commercial airplay and acquiring hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.[5] On December 19, 2013 Durham Police filed a complaint to YouTube claiming that visibly marked vehicles are seen in the video uploaded. The same video was subsequently deleted and an alternate cut was uploaded the following day.

Following numerous police shootings in the media Harvey uploaded a lyric video by the name of "FTP" to his Facebook page in August 2014.[6] This video went viral and went on to reach 1.2 million views and over 11,000 shares among the social media site.[7] Following the success of the lyric video the song was released for sale on iTunes. Harvey went on to close the year out performing a string of events initially across North Carolina, though eventually expanding out before announcing his expansion to Electronic Music.[8]

Personal life[edit]

Harvey was born and spent the majority of his life in Durham, NC. He cites Durham as being his inspiration to do music in many interviews.[9] In March 2014 he opened the fashion boutique "Runway Rebellion" in Greensboro, NC.[10] Harvey has been a staple of the fashion market in North Carolina and his store granted many up and coming fashion designers the opportunity to sell and promote their art in his store. In 2015 he began attending many prestigious fashion show events- commonly seated in the front row, his social media is popular for the latest in abstract fashion trends.[11][12]


In March 2015 Harvey made headlines when he was recorded on video allegedly burning a $150,000 record deal offer and throwing it in the ocean. This stunt was received with mixed reviews from fans celebrating his self-worth and critics citing his lack of appreciation of such an offer.[13] The following year he was offered a sum of $3,000,000 by DJ Khaled to switch the theme of his viral cooking videos to exclusively include the 'Belaire Champagne".[14] This offer was shortly thereafter declined by Harvey for undisclosed reasons.[15]


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