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Harvey M. Wagner (born 1931[1]) is an American management scientist, consultant, and Professor of Operation Research and Innovation Management at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, known for his books on Operations Research and his seminal work on the dynamic lot-size model with Thomson M. Whitin.[2]


Wagner received his BS in 1953 and his MS in 1954 from Stanford University, and his PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1960. In the 1980s he received an Honorary degree from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium.

In the 1954 Wagner started his academic career Stanford University, where from 1957 to 1967 he was Professor at the Graduate School of Business. From 1967 to 1976 he was Professor at Yale University, and since 1976 he is Professor of Operations, Technology and Innovation Management at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Among his doctoral students is Yvo Dirickx. Since the 1960s Wagner has also served as consultant with McKinsey & Company.

In 1969 Wagner was awarded the Frederick W. Lanchester Prize for his 1969 book Principles of Operations Research. For the year 1973-1974 he was elected president of TIMS. In 1984 he received the Edelman Award, and in 1996 the Informs Expository Writing Award. In 2000 he is named Fellow of INFORMS.[3]


Wagner's research interests are in the fields of operations management, production planning and supply-chain management.[3]


Wagner has published five books and about 60 articles on operations research topics.[3] Books:

  • 1957. Dynamic Problems in the Theory of the Firm. With T.M. Whitin. Rand Corp Santa Monica Calif.
  • 1958. Linear Programming Techniques for Regression Analysis
  • 1960. A postscript to “Dynamic problems in the theory of the firm”. Harvey M. Wagner. Stanford University.
  • 1962. Statistical management of inventory systems. New York, Wiley.
  • 1969. Principles of operations research, with applications to managerial decisions. Prentice-Hall


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