Harvey Manger-Weil

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Harvey Manger-Weil
EducationBachelor of Arts in Philosophy
Alma materDartmouth College[1]
Known forFounder of the College Wizard,[2] co-founder of Your Personal Action Plan[2]

Harvey Manger-Weil is an American entrepreneur from New York City.[3] He is best known for his SAT tutoring business, The College Wizard, a platform that helps prospective college students earn better SAT scores.[2]


Manger-Weil attended Dartmouth College in the 1970s and graduated with a BA in philosophy in 1980.[1]


Manger-Weil began tutoring students for the SATs as an undergraduate at Dartmouth.[4] He later became an alumni interviewer and enrollment director for his alma mater.[2][5] At one point, Manger-Weil was a street musician in New York City.[6]

Manger-Weil has engaged in several other entrepreneurial ventures and is heavily involved in the "solopreneur" movement.[2][6] In 2003, he started a consulting firm geared toward helping people start their own businesses.[6] He recently teamed up with fellow solopreneur Bruce Judson in a consulting firm called Your Personal Action Plan, aimed at solo businesspeople on the internet.[2][5] He has appeared in numerous publications, including Entrepreneur magazine[3] and books like Small Business Management[5] and Get Rich Click![6]


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