Harvey Wallbanger

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Harvey Wallbanger
IBA Official Cocktail
Harvey Wallbanger.jpg
Type Mixed drink
Primary alcohol by volume
Served On the rocks; poured over ice
Standard garnish

orange slice and maraschino cherry

Standard drinkware
Highball Glass (Tumbler).svg
Highball glass
IBA specified ingredients*
Preparation Stir the vodka and orange juice with ice in the glass, then float the Galliano on top. Garnish and serve.

The Harvey Wallbanger is a mixed drink made with vodka, Galliano, and orange juice.


The Harvey Wallbanger appears in literature as early as 1971.[1][2] The cocktail is reported to have been invented in 1952 by three-time world champion mixologist Donato "Duke" Antone (Paolantonio). The Harvey Wallbanger's popularity is largely a result of the promotional efforts of George Bednar, a former football player and Galliano sales manager based in California.

Other uses[edit]

  • The 1982 Milwaukee Brewers, winners of the American League pennant, were nicknamed "Harvey's Wallbangers," because of the team's power hitting (wall banging) under mid-season manager Harvey Kuenn. After a mediocre 23–24 start to the season, manager Buck Rodgers was fired. Under Kuenn, the team went 72–43 (.626), led the Major Leagues in home runs and total bases, and produced the highest team OPS+ since the 1931 New York Yankees.[3][4][5][6][7]
  • The SAS sometimes referred to C4 explosive charges as "Harvey Wall-bangers."[citation needed]
  • Harvey Wallbanger is sometimes used to refer to the Wall Follower maze solving algorithm.
  • Harvey Wallbanger was the puppet character who ran the "dead-letter" post office on the Canadian children's show, The Hilarious House of Frightenstein.
  • Harvey Wallbanger was the drink ordered by a character on the train in the 2010 movie Knight and Day with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.
  • The Movie See No Evil, Hear No Evil includes the lines:

Do you like Harvey Wallbangers?
Harvey who?
Wallbangers, a friend of mine.
I'll introduce you later.

  • The character Sven, from Class of '77, gets constantly drunk due to his love of Harvey Wallbangers.[citation needed]
  • In CB lingo, a Harvey Wallbanger is a drunk driver; specifically, one who continually drifts across the road from one shoulder to the other and back.



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