Harwood Island (British Columbia)

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Harwood Island, seen from a floatplane
Spit off Harwood Island

Harwood Island is the former name of Ahgykson, a small island that lies off the coast of Powell River, BC. The island is an Indian reserve and is part of the traditional territory of the Sliammon First Nation.

The island has long been called "Ahgykson" by the Tla'amin people who have lived in this territory for at least 8,000 years. In 1798, Captain Vancouver renamed it in his records as "Harwood Island." The traditional Tla'amin name was officially reinstated on 5 April 2016.[1]

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Coordinates: 49°52′N 124°39′W / 49.867°N 124.650°W / 49.867; -124.650