Haryana Police

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Haryana Police
Agency overview
Formed 1 November, 1966
Employees 56,747
Legal personality Governmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
Location map India Haryana.svg
State of Haryana
Legal jurisdiction Haryana
General nature
Operational structure

The Haryana Police department is the law enforcement agency for the state of Haryana, India.


The Haryana Police were formed when the state of Haryana was established after bifurcation from the state of Punjab on 1 November 1966. The organisation is governed by the "Punjab Police rules" which were framed in 1934 however the State Government passed its own police act in 2008.[1] The same police practices being followed by police organisations in North India. At the time when the state of Haryana was established, the organisation had the responsibility for enforcement of the law in 6 district and had a strength of 12,165 personnel.

Organizational structure[edit]

Haryana Police comes under direct control of Department of Home Affairs, Government of Haryana. The Haryana Police is headed by Director General of Police (DGP).[2]

State Police Headquarters located in Sector 6, Panchkula. The total headcount of the personnel working in Haryana Police at present is 56,747.[3]