Harzé Castle

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Harzé Castle
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Harzé Castle is located in Belgium
Harzé Castle
Harzé Castle
Coordinates50°26′28″N 5°39′58″E / 50.441°N 5.666°E / 50.441; 5.666
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Harzé Castle (French: Château de Harzé) is a castle in the village of Harzé in the municipality of Aywaille, province of Liège, Belgium.


During World War II the castle was the headquarters of the US 18th Airborne Corps under the command of Major General Matthew B. Ridgway during the Battle of the Bulge.

Commemorative plaque unveiled in 2006 to record the use of the building during World War II.

Present day[edit]

The castle is now a hotel, restaurant, conference center & wedding venue. The site also contains a Milling and Baking Museum.[1]



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