Hasan Ali (Kara Koyunlu)

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Hasan 'Ali (died 1468) ibn Jahan Shah was the last ruler of the Kara Koyunlu Turkmen tribal federation, ruling for just one year from 1467–68, before the Kara Koyunlu were overrun by their enemies the Ak Koyunlu. Hasan Ali was unable to win the loyalty of his troops, which quickly led to the defeat and downfall of the dynasty.

Hasan Ali was the son of Jahan Shah who was defeated following his attempt to subjugate the rival Ak Koyunlu tribe in 1467. The Ak Koyunlu leader Uzun Hasan also killed Hasan Ali in 1468. Jahan Shah’s other son Abu Yusuf had his eyes burnt out by Uzun Hasan. He fled to the east and tried to establish his rule in Fars, but he was pursued and killed by the Ak Koyunlu prince Ugurlu Mehmed.

Preceded by
Jahan Shah
Kara Koyunlu Beys
Succeeded by
Uzun Hassan of Ak Koyunlu

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