Hasan Khan Mewati

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Hasan Khan Mewati
Reign 1504–1527
Predecessor Khanzada Alawal Khan
Successor Post Abolished
House Khanzada Rajput
Father Khanzada Alawal Khan
Hasan Khan Mewati
Born Mewat, India

Khanzada Rajput

Rajput Confederation
Battles/wars Battle of Khanwa

Wali-e-Mewat Raja Khanzada Hasan Khan Mewati (died 17 March 1527), son of the previous ruler Khanzada Alawal Khan, was an ambitious Muslim Rajput ruler of Mewat. His dynasty had ruled Mewat for nearly 150 years. He belonged to Khanzada Muslim Rajput tribe. He was a descendant of Raja Nahar Khan Mewati, who was the Wali of Mewat in 14th century. He built the Alwar fort in 1492.[1]

Battle of Khanwa[edit]

The Battle of Khanwa was fought near the village of Khanwa, about 60 km west of Agra, on 17 March 1527. It was the second major battle fought in modern day India, by the first Mughal Emperor Babur after the first Battle of Panipat. As the Mughal Empire expanded it faced new opponents, especially in the regions around Agra and inside Rajputana. After defeating Ibrahim Lodi, the first Mughal Emperor Babur faced many Lodi warriors including Sikandar Lodi and his son Mahmud Lodi who rallied behind Hasan Khan Mewati of Mewat.

Raja Khanzada Hasan Khan Mewati, easily gained the support of Rana Sanga, a powerful Hindu Rajput; together they sought to defeat and overthrow the first Mughal Emperor Babur and his Muslim Mughals.

The Hindu Rajputs and Babur's Muslim opponents gathered a formidable army much larger and more well organized than that of the previous one that Ibrahim Lodi had gathered at the Battle of Panipat (1526), but were betrayed by the King of Malwa.

Khanzada Hasan Khan Mewati was killed in the Battle of Khanwa (March 1527). His son Khanzada Naher Khan II ruled Mewat as a vassal of Mughals.


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Preceded by
Khanzada Alawal Khan
Succeeded by
Post abolished