Hasan Rıza Pasha

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Hasan Rıza

Hasan Rıza Pasha
Baghdad, Ottoman Empire
Died30 January 1913
Shkodër, Ottoman Empire
Allegiance Ottoman Empire
Service/branch Ottoman Army
Battles/warsSiege of Shkodër
RelationsMehmed Namık Pasha (father)

Hasan Rıza Pasha (1871 – 30 January 1913), was a general in the Ottoman Army.


The son of the distinguished Ottoman statesman Mehmed Namık Pasha, he was born in Baghdad. He was with Albanian origin. He entered the Ottoman Military Academy in 1892 and graduated on March 13, 1895. He continued his studies in Germany (1899–1900). After serving in Iraq (1901–-1911) he was promoted to the rank of General and assigned as wali of Shkodër.[1]

He was the main commander during the Siege of Shkodër and became the symbol of resistance against the Montenegrin invasion. He did his utmost to defend the town, stating "Shkodra is our fate or our grave, but not our shame".[1] He was shot dead by Osman Bali and Mehmet Kavaja,[2] two Albanians who were servants of Essad Pasha,[3] on 30 January 1913.[4] Soon after, Essad Pasha would hand the town over to the Montenegrins.

A Turkish-Albanian college in Shkodër bears his name. He got decorated for "First Class Bravery" (Albanian: "Trimëri e Klasit të Parë) in August 1996, by Albanian President Sali Berisha.[5] and a monument was erected in his honor in 2007.[6]

Monument dedicated to Hasan Riza Pasha in Shkodër


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