Hasan Seyidbeyli

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Hasan Seyidbeyli
Born (1920-12-22)22 December 1920
Baku, Azerbaijan SSR
Died 25 June 1980(1980-06-25) (aged 59)
Baku, Azerbaijan SSR
Occupation film director, screenwriter and cinematographer
Ethnicity Azerbaijani
Citizenship Soviet

Hasan Seyidbeyli (Azerbaijani: Həsən Mehdi oğlu Seyidbəyli) – the Soviet and Azerbaijani writer, dramatist, screenwriter, film director, People’s Artist of the Azerbaijan SSR (23.12.1976).[1][2]


Hasan Seyidbeyli was born on December 22, 1920 in Baku, the Azerbaijan SSR. In 1938-1939’s, he studied at Leningrad Institute of Film Directors. In 1942, his literary activity began. In 1943, he continued his education on director faculty of VGIK (at S.Eisenstein and G.Kozintsev).[3]

Hasan Seyidbeyli is the author of such screen scripts as “To my dear nation” (1954), “Under the sultry sky” (1957), “On distant shores” (1958), “Soviet Azerbaijan”, “Perfection”.

He is the author of screen scripts and director of films such as “Telephonist girl” (1962), “Why are you silent?” (1962), “Find the girl” (1970), “Value of happiness” (1976).

Hasan Seyidbeyli is the director of “Nesimi” film, which was awarded a premium at the VII All-Union Festival in Baku.

From 1963 to 1980, he was the chairman of Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers. Hasan Seyidbeyli died on June 25, 1980 in Baku.


Year Film Director
1947 From Baku to Goy Gol Yes
1949 Large way Yes
1949 In summer cottages of Quba and Tartarchay valley Yes
1954 To my dear nation Yes
1957 Under the sultry sky Yes
1958 On distant shores Yes
1960 Dishonestly earned money Yes
1960 A road incident Yes
1962 Telephonist girl Yes
1963 Island of miracles Yes
1964 Force of gravity Yes
1966 Gipsy girl Yes
1966 Why are you silent? Yes
1969 Our teacher Jebish Yes
1970 Find the girl Yes
1972 Soviet Azerbaijan Yes
1973 Nesimi Yes
1974 Pages of life Yes
1976 The clouds are our umbrella Yes
1976 Concerns for happiness Yes
1979 Toral and Zeri Yes
1979 Perfection Yes
1980 Goodbye, my friend Yes
1980 His unlucky love
2002 Hasan Seyidbeyli-the filmmaker
2009 Cinema, living in colors[4]


A street in Baku is named after Hasan Seyidbeyli.