Hasegawa Settan

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Drawing of a seal that washed up on a beach near Karatsu, by Hasegawa Settan

Hasegawa Settan (長谷川雪旦, ?–1843) was a Japanese artist who lived during the late Edo period, born in Edo.[1]

His given name was Munehide (宗秀), and his art-name was Gengakusai Ichiyōsai (巌岳斎 一陽庵). He was commonly called Gotō Uzaemon (後藤右衛門). He was originally a wood sculptor and he carved the woodblocks for many ukiyo-e prints. The Edo Meisho Zue is one of his major works. For his artistic accomplishments, Hasegawa Settan was awarded the honorary Buddhist title Hokkyō (法橋 "Bridge of the Dharma").


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