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A house in Haseley Green

Haseley is a small village in Warwickshire, England. It is four miles north-west of the county town of Warwick and nine miles south-east of Solihull, in the civil parish of Beausale, Haseley, Honiley and Wroxall, created in 2007. The village is on the A4177 and is easily accessible as it is only five miles from the M40 motorway. Haseley proper, along with Haseley Knob, Haseley Green and Waste Green, consists mainly of detached houses spread over a large area, giving the parish a very low housing density. There were, according to the 2001 census, 207 residents living in 92 dwellings.

It is an affluent area, with an average house price of around £277,000.[1] Due to this and its proximity to the tourist towns of Warwick and Stratford upon Avon there are several large and highly rated hotels around the village, as well as the Haseley Business Centre in the old manor house, which was formerly the conference centre for the nationalised car manufacturer British Leyland. The parish church, St Mary's, is medieval in origin, and revealed evidence of its original decoration during restoration work some years ago.

Haseley's fifteen minutes of fame came in 1588. At the time a non-conformist publication was enraging the bishops of the Church of England and was the talk of England. To avoid detection the printing press had to move around periodically and it came to the village that year, as one of the writers was the nephew of the lord of the manor. However it was discovered there and the head of the movement, John Penry, was later hanged.


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