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Hash, hashes, hash mark, or hashing may refer to:


  • Hash (food), a coarse mixture of ingredients
  • Hash, a nickname for hashish, a cannabis product

Hash mark[edit]


  • Hash function, an encoding of data into a small, fixed size; used in hash tables and cryptography
  • Hash table, a data structure using hash functions
  • Cryptographic hash function, a hash function used to authenticate message integrity
  • URI fragment, in computer hypertext, a string of characters that refers to a subordinate resource
  • Geohash, a spatial data structure which subdivides space into buckets of grid shape
  • Hashtag, a form of metadata often used on social networking websites
  • hash (Unix), an operating system command
  • Hash chain, a method of producing many one-time keys from a single key or password
  • Password hash
  • Zobrist hashing, a method of hashing chess positions into a key

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