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Hazrath Hashimpeer Dastageer is an Indian Sufi, in the traditions of Qadriya and Shattari.


He was born and brought up in a scholastic atmosphere particularly under influence of Hazrat Sayyedina Wajihuddin Alvi.

Hazarth Muhammad Ghawth gave his kilafath to Qutub-e-Gujarat Hasrath Wajihuddin Alvi. His nephew Sayedina Hashimpeer Dastager is also a great Sufi of Shattari Tariqa.

Hazarth Hashimpeer went to Bijapur, Karnataka, then under the rule of Ibrahim Adil Shah II. Under his influence Ibrahim Adil Shah then gave up un-Islamic practises. The next Sultan Mohammed Adil Shah was his disciple. When the Sultan was suffering from a serious disease, Hazarth Hashimpeer stated that he is granting to his disciple ten years of his life. As a consequence the Sultan built the monument of Gol Gumbaz, which is located near the shrine of Hazrath Hashimpeer.

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