Hashim bey Vazirov

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Hashim bey Vazirov
Haşım bəy Vəzirov
Hashim bey Vezirov.jpg
Born 1868
Shusha, Azerbaijan
Died 1916
Baku, Azerbaijan
Occupation Writer, jourbalist and publisher

Hashim bey Miriman oglu Vazirov (Azerbaijani: Haşım bəy Vəzirov; 1868-1916) – was an Azerbaijani journalist, writer and publisher.[1]


Hashim bey Vazirov was born and got the primary education in Shusha. After graduating from Irevan Teachers’ Seminary he worked as a teacher in Irevan, Barda, Shaki and Shusha. In 1890s, being a teacher in real school in Shusha, H.Vazirov participated in organization of spectacles along with other teachers. In 1895, they staged “Marrying – not slaking the thirst” play by H.Vazirov. In these years Vazirov translated “Othello” tragedy by W.Shakespeare into Azerbaijani. Vazirov acted as Othello in a spectacle staged in Shusha, in 1904. Hashimbey Vazirov was author of such plays as “School education”, “Don’t knock my door – or your door will be knocked”, “Marrying – not slaking the thirst”. He wrote articles dedicated to enlightenment, science, socio-political issues.[2] He worked as the editor of “Irshad” newspaper in different times, published “Teze hayat” newspaper, edited such newspapers as “Ittifag”, “Seda”, “Sadayi-hagg” and “Sadayi-Gafgaz”.[3][4]



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