Hasina (film)

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Directed by Girish Kasaravalli
Written by Bhanu Mustak
Starring Taara
Country India
Language Kannada

Hasina is a 2004 film by Girish Kasaravalli.The lead actress, Taara, won the distinguished National Film Award for Best Actress for her role as Hasina about the story of a Muslim Indian woman deserted by her husband.[1]


The film, based on the story Kari Nagaragalu by Kannada writer Banu Mushtaq, looks at Hasina (Taara) who marries auto driver Yakub (Chandrahas Ullal)[2] against his mother's wishes. The couple have three daughters the visually impaired Munni, Shubby and Habeeb. Pregnant with their fourth child, the couple break social codes and do a pregnancy scan to ascertain the baby's gender. When Yakub realises it is yet another girl, he becomes at turns abusive and neglectful, eventually leaving Hasina to fend for herself.[3]


  • Tara as Hasina
  • Chandrahas Ullal as Yakoob
  • Chitra Shenoy as Jhuleka Begum
  • Purushottam Talavata as Muthuvalli Saab
  • Ruthu as Muthuvalli's Wife
  • Baby Bodhini as Munni


The film has won the following awards since its release:

2004 National Film Awards

Karnataka State Film Awards 2004-05

DVD Release[edit]

Total Kannada Video released movie's DVD in August 2016,after a gap of 12 years of release.


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