Haslar Immigration Removal Centre

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IRC Haslar
Location Haslar, Hampshire
Security class Immigration Removal Centre
Closed 2016
Managed by HM Prison Services
Governor Mr Paul Wiltshire
Website Haslar Immigration Removal Centre at justice.gov.uk

Haslar Immigration Removal Centre (formerly known as Haslar Prison) was an immigration detention centre, located in Haslar (near Gosport), Hampshire, England. The centre was operated by Her Majesty's Prison Service. The centre closed in 2015, however the Ministry of Justice is closing the site in 2016 after promising to retaining the site for use as a prison


The establishment was previously known as Haslar prison, housing adult male offenders. However, from 1989 Haslar started exclusively holding foreign national prisoners.

In February 2002 Haslar was redesignated as a Removal Centre, and began operating under Detention Centre rules. Haslar held those detained by UK Visas and Immigration during documentation procedures and during the process of removal or deportation. Only detainees awaiting deportation or appealing against their immigration status were held at Haslar. The vast majority of the population were ex-foreign national prisoners who had either completed their sentence, or had their sentence “cut short” to speed up the deportation process.

The detention centre closed in June 2015, and all remaining detainees were moved elsewhere. However the Ministry of Justice is retaining the site for use as a prison in the future.

On the 3rd November 2016, the Ministry of Justice announced that the Center would not be reopening the site[1]


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