Hasna Doreh

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Hasna Doreh
حسناء دوريه
Organization Dervish State
Religion Islam

Hasna Doreh (Somali: Xasna Dooreeh, Arabic: حسناء دوريه‎‎) was an early 20th-century Somali female commander of the Dervish State, a state which frequently engaged in battles against the imperial powers during the Somaliland campaign.


Doreh was the wife and commander of the Somali nationalist and religious leader Mohammed Abdullah Hassan, the latter of whom assigned her one of the nine divisions of the Dervish army.[1]

In his biography of Muhammad Abdullah Hassan and Hassan's Dervish comrades, the author Ray Beachey compared Doreh to the ancient British Queen Boadicea in her struggle against the Roman Empire.


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