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Hasrat is a popular pen name for Urdu poets in India and Pakistan. It is an Urdu word meaning "unfulfilled wish", which is derived from the Arabic word "Hasrah". One reason this word is favored by Urdu poets is that it has melancholy undertones. Notable Urdu poets that use this pen name include: Muhammad Abdul Qadeer Siddiqi Qadri 'Hasrat' (1871–1962), Hasrat Jaipuri (1922-1977) and Hasrat Mohani (1875-1951).

An Indian revolutionary Ashfaqulla Khan (1900-1927) also used to write Urdu poetry with this pen name. Ful name of Ashfaq was Mohammad Ashfaqulla Khan Warsi 'Hasrat'. His popular couplet "zindagi (زندگی )baad-e-fanaa tujhko milegii 'Hasrat', Teraa jiinaa tere marne ki badault hogaa." (en: O Hasrat! thou would get real life after thy death, Thou shall live in the hearts of people after thy sacrifice.)[1]


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