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Hassan Abdalla
Born (1960-08-01) August 1, 1960 (age 55)
Cairo, Egypt
Occupation CEO and Vice Chairman of Arab African International Bank[1]

Hassan Abdalla; born August 1, 1960 in Cairo, Egypt, is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Vice Chairman of Arab African International Bank (AAIB).[1] Founder and Chairman of We Owe It To Egypt Foundation - AAIB Foundation

Current & Previous Positions[edit]

Abdalla held international positions including sitting on the Board of Directors of the Washington-based Institute of International Finance Inc.[2][3] (IIF), and is a Member of the IIF Emerging Markets Advisory Council (EMAC).[4]

He is a Board Member of Union De Banques Arabes Et Françaises (UBAF); where he is also a Member of the Executive Committee. His current positions within the Egyptian business community include sitting on the Boards of Orascom Construction Industries[5] (OCI), Ghabbour Auto[6] (GB) and is a Board of Trustees Member of the Egyptian Banking Institute[7][8] (EBI). He is also a founding Member and former Chairman of the Egyptian Junior Business Association (EJBA); alongside sitting on the Board of Endeavour Egypt[9] where he also serves as its treasurer. Abdalla is the Founder and Chairman of the We Owe It To Egypt Foundation.[10][11] He also served on the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Egypt[12][13] and the Egyptian Exchange (EGX).[14][15] Founding member of the Egyptian National Competitiveness Council -ENCC

Abdalla is a Board Member of the School of Business Dean’s Strategic Advisory Board and is a part-time faculty Member at the American University in Cairo (AUC).[16] He is Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Egyptian E-Learning University (EELU).


Upon graduating from the AUC[17] in 1982, Abdalla began working at AAIB. His first position was in the bank’s dealing room back office. He later moved to the dealing room, where he started at the Marketable Securities division and moved on to work in FX, Money Markets, Derivatives Markets and Futures Trading.

In 1988, Abdalla moved to AAIB’s New York branch. There, he managed the bank’s U.S. Treasury Portfolio and hedging policy, alongside working on portfolio restructuring Bond Swaps and REPOs. One year later he returned to Cairo as AAIB’s Chief Dealer.[18]

Abdalla was promoted to Assistant General Manager in 1994. In 1999 he was appointed as the bank’s General Manager; in March 2002, Abdalla was appointed as the bank’s Vice Chairman and Managing Director. During the early period of his last appointment, AAIB was in the midst of financial difficulties that threatened its existence. Abdalla’s leadership during these difficult times was the beginning of a major reversal in the bank’s fortunes. From that time, AAIB’s branch network expanded from 11 branches to 56, with a number of first to market innovative products introduced in the Egyptian financial sector.[19]

Abdalla arranged AAIB’s acquisition of Misr America International Bank (MAIB). The merger – finalized by the end of 2005 as the first market based private acquisition in the Egyptian market – resulted in substantial growth and a higher market share for AAIB. This marked the beginning of what is to date AAIB's largest expansion on record.[20]

Education & Family[edit]

Abdalla received his Junior and High school education at Port Said School in Zamalek. He went on to attend the American University in Cairo (AUC), where he graduated with a BA in Business Administration in 1982. He then returned to AUC in 1992 to receive his MBA.[21]

Abdalla is married to Mrs. Suzan El Henawi, Deputy Executive Director at the German Chamber of Commerce (GCC) and is the father of two children; Jasmine, who studies at the AUC and Ahmed, who is a student at the Deutsche Evangelische Oberschule – Cairo (DEO).

Awards & Recognitions[edit]

Abdalla’s career highlights and academic track record earned him both the "Distinguished Alumni Award" in 2002 [22] and "Outstanding Alumni Award" from the AUC in 2010.[23] In 2014, Abdalla was recognised by International Banker Magazine[24] as Banking CEO of the Year - Middle East [25] for his work at AAIB.[26][27]

Notably, Mr. Abdalla is one of a handful of Arab financiers to serve on the Board of the IIF and to be elected for six consecutive terms (2006-2012); a rare exception to the standard two term rule.[28][29][30][31][32][33]

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