Hassan Nooraddeen II

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Hassan Nooraddeen Iskandar II
Sultan of land and sea, Lord of twelve thousand isles,
the Sultan of the Maldives
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ReignMaldives: 1935–1943
Coronation20 August 1938
PredecessorMuhammad Shamsuddeen III
SuccessorAbdul Majeed Didi
Born21 April 1887
Died15 April 1967
Maandhooge (old), Male
Burial15 April 1967
Galolhu Royal Cemetery
SpouseGaugey Didi
IssuePrincess Sameemaa Nooraddine
Prince Muhammad Nooraddine
Prince Ali Nooraddine
Princess Aneesa Nooraddine
Princess Zareena Nooraddine
Princess Fatihmath Nooraddine
Full name
Hassan Nooraddenul iskandhar II
FatherSultan Muhammad Mueenudhdhin Kalhu Bandaarain
MotherZulaikhaa (dhandi kosheegey Didi)

Sultan Sir Hassan Nooraddeen Iskandar II, KCMG (Dhivehi: ސުލްޠާން ޙަސަން ނޫރައްދީން ދެވަނަ) was Sultan of the Maldives from 1935 to 1943, a son of Sultan Muhammad Mueenudheen Kalhu Bandaarain. Sultan Nooraddeen was born on 21 April 1887.

He ascended the throne of Maldives on 22 February 1935; however his coronation ceremony was not held until 20 August 1938. After eight years of rule he abdicated on 8 April 1943, and lived thereafter at his own residence until his death on 15 April 1967, six days before his 80th birthday.

Preceded by
Muhammad Shamsuddeen III
Sultan of the Maldives
Succeeded by
Abdul Majeed Didi