Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi

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Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi
Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi.jpg
Born حسن رحیم‌پور ازغدی
Nationality Iranian
Website rahimpour.ir

Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi (Persian: حسن رحیم‌پور ازغدی‎) (born 1964 or 1965) is an Iranian scholar and theorist and member of Iran's Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution.

Azghadi has travelled throughout the world to give lectures, his focus is on social, political, and economic affairs in contemporary Islamic Iran. Some of the subjects he addresses are notably that of the Islamic revolutionary ideology, Imperialism, Westoxification, American hegemony, Social Justice, Capitalism, Communism, Christianity, Hijab (veil), Jihad, Ayatollah Khomeini, Freedom, Marxism, Western moral system, nuclear energy, Israel, Aristotle and Plato, Liberal Democracy, Islamic economics, political Islam but also youth affairs and social struggle.[citation needed]

His lectures are filmed and shown on the IRIB Channel 2 called "A model for tomorrow" (طرحی برای فردا), aired Fridays after the Jumu'ah prayers.

Speeches and Views[edit]

On September 23, 2011, Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi attended a gathering of Iran-Iraq War veterans and offered a plan for Iran’s current and future foreign policy throughout the world. Azghadi stated that "Our forces today must get ready to head towards North Africa, eastern Asia and the heart of Europe. We must get ready for global operations" and that "In the next 3-4 decades, they must go to help and free their Muslim brothers."[1][2]

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