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Hassan Town is a locality on Multan Road in Lahore, Pakistan.

The main road is called Main Hassan town road which has almost gone commercial. The main streets include the Islam Street ( No 13 in which Imam Bargah in Husani square is situated ) near Peeli Kothi (now Kali Kothi), Jinnah street, Yasreb Street, Bilal Street. Another street of Hassan Town is Data Street, in which a new mosque named Amna Masjid has been built. Yasreb street connects Hassan Town with New Town. Notable Army and Senior Government officers used to live here which has all necessary facilities like Health, Food, Grocery etc.

Hassan Town has metal roads, proper sanitation, efficient cleaning system, mosques and montesorri schools.

The locality also have a block named Waseem Block, where the local government is located. The other main block of Hassan Town is Madina block. It is a registered community board. This block consists of almost 60 Houses. There is Awan Town next to Hassan Town.

Hassan Town is safe place to live, having very minor malicious incidents. Amna Mosque is being expanded and it requires charity from deserving contributors. In this regard, a bank account in Allied Bank, main Awan Town has been created.

Hassan Town enjoys unique advantage that it is on the main Multan Road and Motorway (M2) is just about 5 kilometres and on the other hand the road leads to Karachi (from Thoker Niaz Beg)is only 3 kilometres.