Hassel (river)

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Stieger See (mit kl Insel).jpg
The Untere Teich in Stiege
State Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
Basin features
Main source south of Stiege
535 m above sea level (NN)
51°38′17″N 10°52′58″E / 51.6381583°N 10.8828028°E / 51.6381583; 10.8828028Coordinates: 51°38′17″N 10°52′58″E / 51.6381583°N 10.8828028°E / 51.6381583; 10.8828028
River mouth in the Rappbode Reservoir into the Rappbode
51°43′00″N 10°49′10″E / 51.7167361°N 10.81944°E / 51.7167361; 10.81944
Progression Rappbode → Bode → Saale → Elbe → North Sea
River system Elbe

The Hassel is a river in the East Harz Mountains in Germany. It flows through several municipalities including Stiege and the town of Hasselfelde. Its sources is located not far from Stiege. After about 10 kilometres (6 mi) it flows into the Hassel Auxiliary Dam and later into the Rappbode Reservoir.