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The Erna and Victor Hasselblad Foundation, established in 1979, is a fully independent, not-for-profit foundation based at Götaplatsen in Gothenburg, Sweden. The main aim of the Foundation is to promote research and academic teaching in the natural sciences and photography. The Foundation also presents an annual international award in photography to “a photographer recognized for major achievements”.[1]

Photography stipends[edit]

The Victor Fellowships[edit]

Awards continuous professional and artistic development outside the Nordic region since 2004. Two stipend winners are announced annually, one from United Kingdom and another one from New York.[2]

The Grez-sur-Loing stipend[edit]

Awards Scandinavian photographers, or Scandinavians working abroad, with an international environment located in Grez-sur-Loing near Fontainebleau, France. The awarded photographer will be accommodated at the Hôtel Chevillon, restored by the Grez-sur-Loing Foundation.[3] The Grez-sur-Loing stipends [4] has been awarded since 1994.

The San Michele stipend[edit]

Targeting Swedish photographers, the winner of this stipend [5] will follow in the footsteps of Swedish physician Axel Munthe, awarded with an international stay at Axel Munthe's Villa San Michele [6] located on Capri, an island in the southern part of Italy.

Stipend in Nature Photography[edit]

A stipend established to encourage Nordic nature photography, based on Victor Hasselblad's interest in nature.[7] In collaboration with Vårgårda Photo Club. First stipend to be awarded was Swedish photographer Marcus Elmerstad.[8]

Year Stipend Project Stipend sum
2008 Marcus Elmerstad "The Pilgrim Road to Nidaros" [9] SEK 100,000
Karolina Tillman [10] "Fairyland - Nordic Legends" SEK 10,000
2010 Daniel Månsson [11] "Waves" SEK 100,000

Postdoctor in photography[edit]



Science grants[edit]


Visiting professorship[edit]


Science stipends[edit]


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