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For the software, see HASSLE. For the album, see Hassle (album).
For a definition of the word "hassle", see the Wiktionary entry hassle.

Hassle (59°21′N 15°22′E / 59.350°N 15.367°E / 59.350; 15.367) is a location in Närke, Sweden, where a Celtic treasure was found in 1936.

The treasure comprises a large bronze cauldron which contained two Bronze Age swords of the Hallstatt type, a pommel of bronze, two bronze buckets with ciste a cordoni, two small hooks of bronze and twelve large circular bronze plates with fittings of iron. All of the items were imported.

The cauldron belongs to a special kind of cultic cauldrons usually found in Italy and Greece, while the buckets are of a kind found in southern and central Europe.