Hastings Half Marathon

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Hastings Half Marathon
Date March
Location Hastings, East Sussex
Event type Half Marathon
Distance 13.1 miles
Established 1985
Official site http://www.hastings-half.co.uk
Part of the race goes through the historic old town

The Hastings Half Marathon is a road running event that takes place every March around the streets of Hastings. Starting in 1985 and organised by The Hastings Lions Club the race has become quite popular over the last few years, with calls for it to be crowned The Great South Run, attracting 5,000 entries every year. It has been voted best race of its kind in the UK for three years. In 2005 it was voted fifth best race in the UK and was voted number 23 in the list of the Top 50 2007 races in the UK by readers of Runners' World. The 33rd edition of the Half-Marathon will take place on 19 March 2017.


The route has a total climb of 237 metres with an average climb rate of 18 metres per mile. Taking this into account, this route is equivalent to running approximately 14.0 miles (22.5 km) on the flat.

The course circumnavigates the ancient town of Hastings, starting at the Seafront and following the route of William the Conqueror towards Battle, East Sussex, around the back of the town and down to the famous 'Old Town' and fishing village of Hastings, then back along the three-mile (5 km) seafront back to where it started. Although tough for the first part of the course, runners have produced some very fast times and PBs, as the last two-thirds is flat or downhill, and then the finish on the promenade.

Past winners[edit]

Key:   Course record

Edition Year Men's winner Nation Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Nation Time (h:m:s)
33nd 2017 Ben Fish  United Kingdom 1:09:52 Sarah Gruber  United Kingdom 1:26:35
32nd 2016 Robert Mbithi  Kenya 1:04:51 Lenah Jerotich  Kenya 1:16:51
31st 2015 Sammy Nyokaye  Kenya 1:05:27 Mercyline Ondieki  Kenya 1:21:36
30th 2014 Boniface Kongin  Kenya 1:04:18 Gladys Kwambai  Kenya 1:16:42
29th 2013 Peter Emase  Kenya 1:06:58 Polline Wanjiku  Kenya 1:16:39
28th 2012 Bernard Chemugo  Kenya 1:06:17 Jane Muia  Kenya 1:14:10
27th 2011 Gordon Mugi Mahugu  Kenya 1:08:00 Rebby Cherono Koech  Kenya 1:15:13
26th 2010 Ben Fish  United Kingdom 1:07:08 Jessica Macrory  United Kingdom 1:21:31
25th 2009 Kiplimo Kimutai  Kenya 1:02:48 Caroline Hoyte  United Kingdom 1:16:56
24th 2008 Kiplimo Kimutai  Kenya 1:05:24 Magdeline Mukunzi Syombua  Kenya 1:14:20
23rd 2007 Philemon Baaru  Kenya 1:03:22 Birhan Dagne  Ethiopia 1:16:02
22nd 2006 Michael Coleman  United Kingdom 1:06:40 Birhan Dagne  Ethiopia 1:15:50
21st 2005 Fred Mogaka  Kenya 1:04:10 Jo Kelsey  United Kingdom 1:18:19
20th 2004 Fred Mogaka  Kenya 1:04:22 Hawa Hussein  Tanzania 1:19:51
19th 2003 Johnson Mururi  Kenya 1:03:26 Jane Omoro  Kenya 1:11:52
18th 2002 Simon Kasimili  Kenya 1:04:55 Jude Craft  United Kingdom 1:20:17
17th 2001 Stephen Ariga  Kenya 1:04:11 Andrea Green  United Kingdom 1:17:08
16th 2000 Simon Kasimili  Kenya 1:03:45 Esther Kiplagat  Kenya 1:12:19
15th 1999 Sammy Otieno  Kenya 1:01:37 Bronwen Cardy-Wise  United Kingdom 1:22:01
14th 1998 Stephen Kiogora  Kenya 1:02:48 Birhan Dagne  Ethiopia 1:16:30
13th 1997 Ian Cornford  United Kingdom 1:05:44 Carolyn Horne  United Kingdom 1:18:53
12th 1996 Mark Flint  United Kingdom 1:02:55 Debbie Percival  United Kingdom 1:15:05
11th 1995 Samuel Bitok Kibiwot  Kenya 1:03:30 Debbie Percival  United Kingdom 1:20:48
10th 1994 Samuel Bitok Kibiwot  Kenya 1:03:25 Alison Fletcher  United Kingdom 1:21:21
9th 1993 Eamonn Martin  United Kingdom 1:02:52 Andrea Wallace  United Kingdom 1:11:13
8th 1992 William Koech  Kenya 1:02:36 Andrea Wallace  United Kingdom 1:13:15
7th 1991 Paul Evans  United Kingdom 1:03:09 Glynis Penny  United Kingdom 1:18:03
6th 1990 Paul Davies-Hale  United Kingdom 1:03:11 Julie Holland  United Kingdom 1:14:17
5th 1989 Paul Davies-Hale  United Kingdom 1:02:09 Veronique Marot  United Kingdom 1:13:54
4th 1988 David Lewis  United Kingdom 1:03:34 Susan Tooby  United Kingdom 1:13:53
3rd 1987 Tony Graham  United Kingdom 1:10:15 Ann Marie Fox  United Kingdom 1:18:59
2nd 1986 Derek Stevens  United Kingdom 1:06:06 Eva Isaacs  Sweden 1:20:01
1st 1985 Derek Stevens  United Kingdom 1:06:58 Caroline Horne  United Kingdom 1:16:08


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