Hat Chao Mai National Park

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Hat Chao Mai National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
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Map showing the location of Hat Chao Mai National Park
Map showing the location of Hat Chao Mai National Park
Map of Thailand
LocationSikao and Kantang Districts, Trang Province, Thailand
Coordinates7°23′49″N 99°19′48″E / 7.397°N 99.33°E / 7.397; 99.33[1]Coordinates: 7°23′49″N 99°19′48″E / 7.397°N 99.33°E / 7.397; 99.33[1]
Area230.86 km2 (89.14 sq mi)

Hat Chao Mai National Park is a protected area located in the Sikao and Kantang Districts of Trang Province, Thailand.[2] It is a marine national park.[3] Established in 1981, it is an IUCN Category II protected area with coral reefs, and an area measuring 230.86 square kilometres (89.14 sq mi)[4].


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