Hathut Records

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Hathut Records
Founded 1974 (1974)
Founder Werner Xavier Uehlinger
Distributor(s) Squidco
Genre Jazz, classical
Country of origin Switzerland
Location Basel
Official website www.hathut.com

Hathut Records is a Swiss record company and label founded by Werner Xavier Uehlinger in 1974 that specializes in jazz and classical music. The label is named after a figure found in paintings by Klaus Baumgärtner.[1]

The company separate genres among its labels: hat Art (contemporary art music), hatOLOGY (jazz, improvised music) hatNOIR (spoken-word). The jazz imprint concentrates mostly on free jazz, as in the work of Anthony Braxton, Lisle Ellis, Franz Koglmann, Steve Lacy, Joëlle Léandre, Myra Melford, Joe McPhee, Paul Plimley, Max Roach, Horace Tapscott, Cecil Taylor, Mike Westbrook and John Zorn.[1]

It was acquired by the Belgian music publisher Outhere Music in 2017.[2]


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