Hat Yai Junction Railway Station

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Hat Yai Junction
Location Rotfai Road, Hat Yai Subdistrict, Hat Yai City, Songkhla
Owned by State Railway of Thailand
Keretapi Tanah Melayu
Line(s) Southern Line
Platforms 6
Parking yes
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Station code หใ.
Preceding station   State Railway of Thailand   Following station
toward Hua Lamphong
Southern Line
Terminus Southern Line
Padang Besar Branch
toward Butterworth
Terminus Southern Line
Song Khla Branch (defunct)
toward Songkhla
Preceding station   Keretapi Tanah Melayu (Intercity)   Following station
Terminus North-South Line
towards Woodlands

Hat Yai Junction is an international railway junction and a Class 1 Railway Station for the State Railway of Thailand in the centre of Hat Yai City, Songkhla Province, Thailand. The station is located 928.585 km (577.0 mi) from Bangkok's Thon Buri Railway Station and serves as a junction for the mainline Southern Line towards Pattani, Yala and Sungai Kolok (border point with Malaysia at Rantau Panjang) and the Butterworth, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore Line (border point with Malaysia at Padang Besar). The station also includes a large locomotive depot adjacent to the station.

Hat Yai Junction encouraged Hat Yai's economic boom and growth, making the city larger than the province's capital Songkhla.


Originally, the station was named U-Taphao Junction and was located to the north of the current station, also served as a junction for the Hat Yai-Songkhla Line. However, the junction often got hit by floods and was moved to the present location at Hat Yai Junction. In 1978, the line from Hat Yai to Songkhla City closed down, leaving the junction to be only for the mainline to Sungai-Kolok and the branch to Butterworth.

Since the start of 2013, there have been plans to rebuild the line back to Songkhla City.


There are 24 trains serving Hat Yai Junction daily, 12 each way. All types of trains must stop at this station. The trains are of the following:

  • Special Express 31 Bangkok-Hat Yai Junction
  • Special Express 32 Hat Yai Junction-Bangkok
  • Special Express 37 Bangkok-Sungai Kolok
  • Special Express 45 Bangkok-Padang Besar
  • Special Express 38 Sungai Kolok-Bangkok
  • Special Express 46 Padang Besar-Bangkok
  • Special Express 41 Bangkok-Yala
  • Special Express 42 Yala-Bangkok
  • Rapid 169 Bangkok-Yala
  • Rapid 170 Yala-Bangkok
  • Rapid 171 Bangkok-Sungai Kolok
  • Rapid 172 Sungai Kolok-Bangkok
  • Rapid 175 Hat Yai-Sungai Kolok
  • Rapid 176 Sungai Kolok-Hat Yai
  • Local 445 Chumphon-Hat Yai
  • Local 446 Hat Yai-Chumphon
  • Local 447 Surat Thani-Sungai Kolok
  • Local 448 Sungai Kolok-Surat Thani
  • Local 451 Nakhon Sri Thammarat-Sungai Kolok
  • Local 452 Sungai Kolok-Nakhon Sri Thammarat
  • Local 455 Nakhon Sri Thammarat-Yala
  • Local 456 Yala-Nakhon Sri Thamamarat
  • Local 463 Phatthalung-Sungai Kolok
  • Local 464 Sungai Kolok-Phathalung
  • Express Peninsular (KTM) 953 Hat Yai-JB Sentral
  • Express Peninsular (KTM) 954 JB Sentral-Hat Yai
  • Eastern and Oriental Express 974 Bangkok-Singapore
  • Eastern and Oriental Express 975 Singapore-Bangkok
  • Special Cross-Border Service 947 Hat Yai Junction-Padang Besar
  • Special Cross-Border Service 948 Padang Besar-Hat Yai Junction
  • Special Cross-Border Service 949 Hat Yai Junction-Padang Besar
  • Special Cross-Border Service 950 Padang Besar-Hat Yai Junction

Terrorist attacks[edit]

Hat Yai Junction has been a target for the "Land Separation Movement" (South Thailand insurgency).

  • 29 June 1977 - Bomb, 14 injured
  • 7 August 1977 - Bomb on Hat Yai-Bangkok Train
  • 1989 - 2 Bombs, 7 dead
  • 7 May 2001 - Bomb, 4 dead including a 5-year-old boy.


Coordinates: 7°00′14″N 100°28′03″E / 7.00389°N 100.46750°E / 7.00389; 100.46750