Hatam–Mansim languages

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Hatam–Moi Brai
Eastern Bird's Head, Indonesian Papua
Linguistic classificationWest Papuan
  • (extended) East Bird's Head
    • Hatam–Mansim

Hatam–Mansim is a small language family of New Guinea, consisting of two languages:

Ross (2005) tentatively classified Hatam as a branch of the West Papuan family, based on similarities in pronouns (he did not consider Mansim), but Glottolog continues to list Hatam–Mansim as an independent family.[1] Following Reesink (2002), Glottolog lists Mansim as a language distinct from Hattam: "comparisons of old wordlists (e.g. von der Gabelentz & Meyer 1882) readily confirm this difference."[2]

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