Hatch's Battalion, Minnesota Volunteer Cavalry

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Hatch's Battalion, Minnesota Volunteer Cavalry
Flag of Minnesota.svg
Flag of Minnesota
Active July 25, 1863 to June 22, 1866
Country United States
Allegiance Union
Branch Cavalry
Engagements none

Hatch's Battalion, Minnesota Volunteer Cavalry was a cavalry battalion that served in the Union Army during the American Civil War and American Indian Wars.


The battalion was organized at Fort Snelling and St. Paul, Minnesota, with Companies A, B, C, and D being mustered in from July 25, to September, 1863. Companies A, B, C, and D marched to Pembina, Dakota Territory from October 5, to November 13, 1863, and served on frontier duty there until May, 1864. The battalion then moved to Fort Abercrombie from May 5–16, 1864, where Companies A and B were assigned to the garrison, with Company C moving to Alexandria and Pomme de Terre, and Company D sent on a patrol from Fort Abercrombie to Pembina. The battalion was increased in size when Company E was mustered on August 31, 1864, and again when Company F was mustered on September 1, 1864. Companies E and F then served on frontier duty. Hatch's Battalion was finally mustered out between April 26 and June 22, 1866.


Casualties and total strength[edit]

Hatch's Minnesota Cavalry Battalion did not lose any men who were killed or who died of wounds received in battle, but did have 21 enlisted men who died of disease, for a total of 21 fatalities.[1]


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