Hatch Solar Energy Center

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Hatch Solar Energy Center
Hatch Solar Energy Center is located in New Mexico
Hatch Solar Energy Center
Location of Hatch Solar Energy Center
Country United States
Location Hatch, New Mexico
Coordinates 32°37′34″N 107°15′32″W / 32.62611°N 107.25889°W / 32.62611; -107.25889Coordinates: 32°37′34″N 107°15′32″W / 32.62611°N 107.25889°W / 32.62611; -107.25889
Status Operational
Commission date 2011
Owner(s) NextEra Energy
Solar field
Type CPV
Site area 37 acres (15 ha)
Power generation
Units operational 84 Amonix 7700
Nameplate capacity 5 MW
Annual output 11 GWh

The Hatch Solar Energy Center is a 5 MWp concentrated photovoltaics power station, the largest in North America when it was completed, in 2011.[1] It was built by Blattner Energy using 84 dual axis Amonix 7700 panels each of which contains 7,560 fresnel lens[2] to concentrate sunlight 500 times, and multijunction photovoltaic cells, allowing a greater efficiency than other photovoltaic power plants. It uses all three of the methods available to increase efficiency - dual-axis tracking, concentrating photovoltaics, and multijunction cells. The systems are certified for operation for 50 years, but the multijunction cells will need to be replaced in 25 years.[3] The output is being sold to El Paso Electric, under a 25 year power purchase agreement (PPA).[4] Output is expected to be 11,000 MWh/year.[5]

Hatch Solar Energy Center generation (MWh)
Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
2011 91 787 972 936 1,058 794 476 5,115
2012 790 749 934 946 954 910 516 733 714 808 664 554 9,271
2013 622 692 612 1,925
Total 16,312

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