Hatchet Lake (Saskatchewan)

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Hatchet Lake
Wollaston Lake, Saskatchewan.jpg
Hatchet Lake is north of Wollaston Lake
Location Saskatchewan
Coordinates 58°38′01″N 103°40′02″W / 58.63361°N 103.66722°W / 58.63361; -103.66722Coordinates: 58°38′01″N 103°40′02″W / 58.63361°N 103.66722°W / 58.63361; -103.66722
Primary inflows Fond du Lac River
Primary outflows Fond du Lac River
Basin countries Canada
Islands Largest is Topping Island

Hatchet Lake is a remote lake in north-eastern Saskatchewan, Canada north of Wollaston Lake. From Wollaston Lake the Fond du Lac River flows through Hatchet Lake and Black Lake on its way to Lake Athabasca.[1][2]

In 1963 the Hatchet Lake Lodge was constructed on Sandy Island (58°38′30″N 103°34′36″W / 58.64167°N 103.57667°W / 58.64167; -103.57667), one of the islands near the eastern shore of Hatchet Lake.[3] Hatchet Lake Lodge is a fly-in fishing lodge.

The lake is served by the Hatchet Lake Airport and Hatchet Lake Water Aerodrome, both operated by the Hatchet Lake Lodge.


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