Hathni Kund Barrage

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Hanthnikund Barrage.jpg
Hathni Kund Barrage
Hathni Kund Barrage is located in Haryana
Hathni Kund Barrage
Hathni Kund Barrage is located in India
Hathni Kund Barrage
Location of Hathni Kund Barrage in India Haryana#India
Country India
Location Yamuna Nagar district
Coordinates 30°18′50″N 77°35′04″E / 30.31389°N 77.58444°E / 30.31389; 77.58444Coordinates: 30°18′50″N 77°35′04″E / 30.31389°N 77.58444°E / 30.31389; 77.58444
Construction began 1996
Opening date 1999
Construction cost Rs 168 crore
Owner(s) Haryana Irrigation Department
Dam and spillways
Length 360 m (1,181 ft)
Spillway type 10 floodgates, 8 undersluices
Spillway capacity 28,200 m3/s (995,874 cu ft/s)

The Hathni Kund is a concrete barrage located on the Yamuna River in Yamuna Nagar district of Haryana state, India. It was constructed between October 1996 and June 1999 for the purpose of irrigation. It replaced the Tajewala Barrage 3 km (2 mi) downstream which was constructed in 1873 and is now out of service. The barrage diverts water into the Western and Eastern Yamuna Canals. The small reservoir created by the barrage also serves as a wetland for 31 species of waterbird.[1]

Plans to replace the Tajewala Barrage had been in the works since the early 1970s but an agreement between the governments of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh (which share the water it diverts) was not made until July 1994.[2] Although the barrage was completed in late 1999, it was not operational until March 2002 because of work delays.[3] The barrage is 360 m (1,181 ft) long and its spillway is composed of ten main floodgates along with five undersluices on its right side and three on its left. The maximum discharge of the barrage is 28,200 m3/s (995,874 cu ft/s) (1 in 500 year flood).[4]

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