Hatikva (political party)

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LeaderAryeh Eldad
Merged intoOtzma Yehudit
IdeologyNational conservatism
Greater Israel
Economic liberalism
Revisionist Zionism
Political positionFar-right
AllianceNational Union (2009–2012)
Most MKs1 (2009–2013)
Fewest MKs1 (2009–2013)

Hatikva (Hebrew: התקווה, lit. The Hope) was a minor political party in Israel. A secular far-right party,[1] it was headed by Aryeh Eldad, and formed one of the factions of the National Union alliance.

Formed in late 2007, it was officially registered on 9 December 2007.[2][3] Eldad stated that the party needs 5000 members "to be legally qualified to raise up to NIS 2 million for each candidate running for party chairman".[3]

For the 2009 elections, the party joined the National Union, with Eldad winning fourth place on the Union's list.

In 2012, Hatikva and Eretz Yisrael Shelanu, another member party of the National Union, announced their decision to leave the alliance and form Otzma LeYisrael.[4]


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