Hatta Station

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Hatta Station
JR Central of Hatta Station 01.JPG
Hatta Station
Location Hatta-cho, Nakamura, Nagoya, Aichi
Operated by
Other information
Station code H02
Opened 1928
Passengers (2011) 1541 (JR)
5681 (Nagoya Municipal Subway) daily
Nagoya Municipal Subway Hatta Station platform

Hatta Station (八田駅?, Hatta-eki) is a joint-use railway and subway station located in Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. It is located 3.1 rail kilometres from the terminus of the Kansai Line at Nagoya Station and is 0.9 kilometers from the terminus of the Hiagashiyama Line at Takabata Station.



JR Hatta Station has a one side platform and one island platform serving three tracks. The Nagoya Municipal Subway portion of the station has a single underground island platform.


1  JR Central Kansai Line for Yokkaichi, Matsusaka
2  JR Central Kansai Line not in service
3  JR Central Kansai Line for Nagoya


1  Higashiyama Line For Nagoya, Sakae, and Fujigaoka
2  Higashiyama Line For Takabata


Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central)
Kansai Main Line
Nagoya   Local   Haruta
Semi Rapid: Does not stop at this station
Rapid: Does not stop at this station
Rapid "Mie": Does not stop at this station
Nagoya Municipal Subway
Higashiyama Line
Takabata - Iwatsuka


Hatta Station was established as Hatta Signal Stop on the Japanese Government Railways (JGR) on July 15, 1918. It was elevated in status to a full station on February 1, 1928. The JGR became the JNR (Japan National Railways) after World War II. The Nagoya Municipal Subway began operations on September 21 1982. With the privatization of the JNR on April 1, 1987, the station came under the control of JR Central. The station was completely rebuilt on April 7, 2002 and was relocated at that time approximately 500 meters closer to Nagoya.

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Coordinates: 35°08′56″N 136°51′08″E / 35.1489683°N 136.8522584°E / 35.1489683; 136.8522584