Hattar clan

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The Hattar are a Rajput clan, found in the Punjab province of Pakistan.


According to their traditions, the tribe claims descent from a Bhatti Rajput nobleman, a Rana Rajwadhan. The Rana lived in Ghazni, in what is now Afghanistan and then moved to Delhi in India. After sometime, he moved to Bhatner. In the 13th Century, the Rana moved to Chanb Kalyar, in what is now the Lodhran District, in Punjab, Pakistan. The ruler of the area was a Raja Bhutta. The Raja wanted to marry the daughter of Rajwadhan, who refused. As a result, a battle took place, and the Raja was slain. The tract was then divided by Rajwadhan, and his five sons, Kalyar, Uttera, Kanju, Noon and Hattar. From these five sons descend the five tribes, each named after the founder.

The descendents of Hattar are said to have left the Multan region, and moved to north west Punjab, where they are a now found as a Rajput tribe.