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St. Mauritius in Niederwenigern

Niederwenigern is a small borough of the city of Hattingen in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is situated on the river Ruhr, 4 km east of Kupferdreh (a borough of Essen) and 3 km west of the center of Hattingen. The population is about 6,000 and before 1926, it was an independent municipality. Niederwenigern has a large 19th century Roman Catholic church, the St. Mauritius Church. There is also a Lutheran-Evangelical Protestant church. There is also a museum dedicated to Nikolaus Groß, a resistance fighter in the time of the Third Reich.

Niederwenigern has two kindergartens, two primary schools and some smaller shops for daily needs. Famous is the yearly "Mauritius Kirmes", a typical small fun fair celebrated at the end of September in relation to the saint's day of St.Mauritius. Its popularity is founded in the fact that a lot of (former) residents come back to Niederwenigern at this weekend to meet old friends. The fair lasts three days (Saturday through Monday).

Coordinates: 51°24′25″N 7°07′22″E / 51.40694°N 7.12278°E / 51.40694; 7.12278