Motu Iti (Marquesas Islands)

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This article is about the island in French Polonesia. For the islet off of Easter Island, see Motu Iti (Rapa Nui).
Motu Iti

Motu Iti (sometimes also called Hatu Iti) is one of the northern Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia. Located west-northwest from Nuku Hiva, Motu Iti is the site of extensive seabird rookeries.

Motu Iti is administratively part of the commune (municipality) of Nuku-Hiva, itself in the administrative subdivision of the Marquesas Islands.

Coordinates: 8°40′48″S 140°37′00″W / 8.68000°S 140.61667°W / -8.68000; -140.61667