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Hatutu (Hatuta‘a)
Image of northwestern Marquesas Islands. Hatutu is the center island. Image courtesy of Johnson Space Center.
Location South Pacific Ocean
Coordinates 7°55′S 140°34′W / 7.92°S 140.57°W / -7.92; -140.57Coordinates: 7°55′S 140°34′W / 7.92°S 140.57°W / -7.92; -140.57
Archipelago Marquesas Islands
Area 6.4 km2 (2.5 sq mi)
Highest elevation 428 m (1,404 ft)
Overseas country French Polynesia
Population 0 (2002)
Pop. density 0 /km2 (0 /sq mi)

Hatutu (also called Hatuta‘a) is a small island approximately 3 km (2 mi.) northeast of Eiao in the northern Marquesas Islands.

Hatutu is administratively part of the commune (municipality) of Nuku-Hiva, itself in the administrative subdivision of the Marquesas Islands.

It consists of a high central ridge, which runs the full 6.5 km (4 mi.) length of the island. The ridge rises to heights up to 428 m (1,404 ft.) above sea level.

In 1992, Hatutu was declared a nature reserve: the Hatutu Nature Reserve. The island is an important nesting ground for the blue footed booby, and home to the endemic Hatutu Marquesan warbler.

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