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Hatwal (हटवाल)
Classification Brahmin, Rajput
Religions Om.svg Hinduism
Languages Garhwali, Hindi
Populated States India
Related groups Indo-Aryan people

Garhwali people

Hatwal (Garhwali/Hindi: हटवाल) is a Garhwali brahmin family name from the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand. The Hatwals were primarily a priestly class who served as pandits at the many Hindu temples in the Himalayan Kingdom of Garhwal, including Badrinath which is part of the auspicious Hindu pilgrimage circuit of Char Dham.

The Hatwals are descended from Rishi Bharadwaja and belong to the Bharadwaj Gotra.

The Rajput Hatwals are very few in number and are found in Rajasthan,Haryana,Uttarakhand and upper reaches of Himachal Pradesh.

Etymology and use[edit]

The origin of the surname Hatwal is from Hat wale (a person from a village called Haat). Most of the inhabitants of Hat, now in Garhwal, Uttarakhand were called Hatwals.


The Hatwals are Sarola Brahmins from Garhwal who first migrated to the hills of present day Uttarakhand from the plains of north-western India around the 13th century.[1][2]

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