Hatzi Hinam

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Hatzi Hinam
Industry Retail
Headquarters Holon
Products alcoholic beverages, bakery, dairy, deli, frozen foods, general grocery, general merchandise, meat & poultry, produce, snacks,
Hatzi Hinam Kanyon Sharonim complex, rear view approaching from the south.

Hatzi Hinam or Hetzi Hinam (Hebrew: חצי חינם‎‎, lit. half-free, from Hebrew: בחצי חינם‎‎, "very cheaply"[1]) is a supermarket chain in Israel. Founded in the early 1990s, the regional independent supermarket chain is headquartered in Holon, and has seven stores in the Gush Dan area. Hatzi Hinam is the fourth largest supermarket chain in Israel,[citation needed] with a market share of over 5% but has significantly fewer stores than the two major Israeli chains.[2] In 2004, the company had an estimated NIS1.1 billion in sales and was confirmed the largest independent supermarket chain.[3] Cousins Zaki Shalom and Mordechai Kuperly share ownership (67%/33%) of the chain.

The Binyamina Winery, Israel's fourth largest winery, was purchased in August 2008 by the owners of Hatzi Hinam for US$13.5 million.[4]

In March 2009, the company acquired Vita Pri Galil for NIS 105 million, saved it from bankruptcy, and promised to hire an additional 100 workers.[5]

In September 2010, Hatzi Hinam opened a 27,000-square metre store in Hod HaSharon - its seventh - designed by Pelleg Architects.[6]

Hatzi Hinam used to operate a gas station.



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