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Haughey family coat of arms.jpg
Haughey family coat of arms
Pronunciation/ˈhɔːhi/[1], /ˈhi/
Region of originIreland
MeaningA mounted knight, a horseman (Descendant of h Eochaidh)
Other names
Variant(s)McCaughey, McGaughey, McKeogh, Keogh, Kehoe, Haffey, Hoey, Hoy, Hughey

Haughey (Irish: Ó hEochaidh) is an Irish surname of noble origins. Spelling variations include: Hoey, McCaughey and McKeogh, among others. The Irish spelling is Ó hEochaidh.

The Haugheys are descendants of the ancient Dál Fiatach dynasty, rulers of Ulaid. They trace their descent from Fiatach Finn mac Dáire, a King of Ulster and High King of Ireland in the 1st century AD.[2] In addition to a number of Scottish clans, as well as the British Royal Family (through the House of Dunkeld), their lineage extends to the Darini/Dáirine.[3]

Notable bearers of the surname include:

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