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An 1899 Tasmanian stamp based on a painting of Russell Falls by Forrest.[1]

Haughton Forrest (30 December 1826 – 20 January 1925[2]) was an Australian artist. He was born in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France and subsequently lived in Berkshire, Jamaica and Germany, before obtaining a commission in the Honourable Artillery Company and later the 31st Royal Monmouth Light Infantry.[2] He married in 1858 and moved to Brazil in 1875 before migrating to Tasmania. He held a number of municipal appointments in Sorell, including Superintendent of Police, before moving to Wellington Hamlets, near Hobart in 1881, devoting himself fully to art.[2]

Forrest painted both marine scenes and landscapes. In 1899, his pictures of Mount Wellington and Hobart were included in the first set of pictorial stamps produced in Australia.[2]


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