Haukilahti water tower

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Haukilahti water tower in the back

The Haukilahti water tower is located in Haukilahti in southern Espoo, Finland. The water tower was built in 1968 and owned by the Espoo waterworks. The diameter of the tower is 45.3 m and its volume is 4000 m³. The height of the tower is 45.3 m and from sea level 76.3 m.

In the top part of the water tower is a restaurant called Haikaranpesä ("Stork's nest"). A scene of the Finnish film Musta jää was filmed in the restaurant.

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Coordinates: 60°9′41″N 24°45′54″E / 60.16139°N 24.76500°E / 60.16139; 24.76500