Hauran Sanjak

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Hauran Sanjak
Havrân Sancağı
sanjak of the Ottoman EmpireUnder Eyalet of Damascus (1579–1865)
Under Syria Vilayet (1865–1918)

Coat of arms of Hauran Sanjak

Coat of arms

Location of Hauran Sanjak
Hauran Sanjak in 1914
Capital Daraa
 •  Established 1579
 •  Armistice of Mudros 1918
Today part of  Syria

The Hauran Sanjak (Turkish: Havrân Sancağı) was a prefecture (sanjak) of the Ottoman Empire, located in modern-day Syria and Jordan. The city of Daraa was the Sanjak's capital. It had a population of 182,805 in 1914.[1]


The sanjak was made up of eight districts (kazas):[2]


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Coordinates: 32°37′31″N 36°6′22″E / 32.62528°N 36.10611°E / 32.62528; 36.10611