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Haus of Gaga
Haus of Gaga.png
Official logo of the Haus of Gaga
Background information
Years active 2008 (2008)–present
Members Lady Gaga
Vincent Herbert
Lane Bentley
Bobby Campbell
DJ White Shadow
Alexandra Dash-Jolie
Dave Russell
Marla Weinhoff
Brandon Maxwell
Perry Meek
Frederic Aspiras
Lacee Franks
Sonja Durham
Richy Jackson
Terry Richardson
Helen Green
Emma Carroll
Lady Starlight
Past members Troy Carter
Fernando Garibay
Space Cowboy
Nicola Formichetti
Matthew Williams
B. Åkerlund
Anna Trevelyan
Emily Eisen
Laurieann Gibson

The Haus of Gaga is the personal creative team of pop performance artist Lady Gaga and is responsible for much of her distinctive and individual style. The Haus creates most of the clothing, props, stage sets, and makeup for Gaga's live performances and other visual representations of her work. Similarly, the individual pieces that artistically represent the style and themes emphasized by Gaga. These creations are brought together in combination with visuals and sound to create a complete collection for music videos and other appearances. Some of the most notable Haus pieces include the "disco stick", "iPod LCD glasses", the "meat dress" worn at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, and the "egg" vessel Gaga arrived in at the 53rd Grammy Awards.


Current members[edit]

Stefani Germanotta (professionally known as Lady Gaga).
Artist and repertoire: Vincent Herbert.
Management: Bobby Campbell.[1]
Day-to-Day Management: Lane Bentley.
Musical director: Paul "DJ White Shadow" Blair (2012-2013)
Project Manager: Alexandra Dash
Audio engineer: Dave Russell.
Art director: Marla Weinhoff.
Fashion director: Brandon Maxwell.
Designer: Perry Meek.
Hair: Frederic Aspiras.
Makeup: Sarah Tanno.
Creative coordination: Lacee Franks.
Choreography: Richy Jackson.
Photography: Terry Richardson and Inez and Vinoodh
Little monsters: Helen Green (artist) and Emma Carroll (Born This Way Foundation).
Friend/Inspiration: Lady Starlight
Source: Liner notes for the album Artpop.

Former members[edit]

Management: Troy Carter.[2]
Musical production: Fernando Garibay and Space Cowboy.
Fashion director: Nicola Formichetti.
Creative coordination: Matthew "Dada" Williams[3] and Sonja Durham.
Stylist: B. Åkerlund[4] and Anna Trevelyan and Emily Eisen.[5]
Choreography: Laurieann "Boomkack" Gibson.


The Haus of Gaga is modeled after Andy Warhol's Factory and emulates the creative atmosphere it is known for. Inspired by Warhol's concepts, his ideas are often referenced in Gaga's work and the innovative technologies conceived by the Haus. "Warhol said art should be meaningful in the most shallow way," Gaga explained in an interview. "He was able to make commercial art that was taken seriously as fine art ... that's what I'm doing too."[6] The team is composed of people from around the world. As the artist explained:

I called all my coolest art friends and we sat in a room and I said that I wanted to make my face light up. Or that I wanted to make my cane light up. Or that I wanted to make a pair of dope sunglasses. Or that I want to make video glasses, or whatever it was that I wanted to do. It's a whole amazing creative process that’s completely separate from the label.[7]

By integrating the themes explored in Gaga's music into her appearance, the Haus idealizes a lifestyle hybrid of pop culture, art, and technology.[citation needed]

The Haus of Gaga is credited with using the Internet "not only to communicate, but to distribute a wide range of products."[8] Based on an 11 May 2010 article in Le Monde, the Haus of Gaga " mastering to perfection everything the digital environment provides...", such as " generate the buzz around her, she uses Twitter to deal with emotional fielf, MySpace for promotion, and Facebook for information."[8]


Responsible for Gaga's fashion, stage props, and hairstyles, the Haus of Gaga made its debut in 2008 with props and costumes made for Gaga's live performances for New Kids on the Block: Live and her music videos for "Just Dance" and "Poker Face" from her debut album The Fame. The Haus continues to be the creative force behind Gaga's performances and appearances.[9]

Bubble dress and bubble piano
Disco Stick
Living Dress
Fame Monster
Kingdom of Fame castle
Motorcycle piano

Music videos[edit]

Bad Romance[10]
  • Razor blade sunglasses
  • White latex bodysuit
  • Black crown
  • Pyro-bra
  • Cigarette sunglasses
  • Studded outfits
  • American flag outfit
  • Leather outfits
  • Leopard catsuit
  • High waisted shorts
  • Masks
Born This Way[13]
  • Denim shirt and pants
  • Disciple leather jackets
  • Heart glasses
  • Velvet bra and panties
  • Mary Magdalene catsuit and headpiece
  • Lipstick gun
Yoü and I[15][unreliable source?]
  • Hair pin sunglasses
  • Veil



New Kids on the Block: Live
  • LED T-shirt
  • Origami dress
The Fame Ball Tour
  • Mirrored dress
  • Bubble dress
  • Bubble piano
  • Vespa S 150
The Monster Ball Tour
  • Orbit
  • Head orbit
  • Body orbit
  • Pyro-piano
  • Rapunzel wig
  • Fame Monster
  • Disco Stick
  • EMMA
  • Eternal Fountain
  • LED T-shirt
  • Living Dress
  • Origami dress
Born This Way Ball
  • Kingdom of Fame castle
  • Mother G.O.A.T.
  • Disco Scepter
  • Giant Projected Pregnant Legs
  • Motorcycle piano
  • Piano dress
  • Toro dress
  • Paper crane dress
  • Ghost dress
  • Bad Kids jacket

Live performances[edit]




Public appearances[edit]



Haus Laboratories[edit]

The Haus Laboratories is a division of the Haus of Gaga that develops fragrance products in association with Coty, Inc. The fragrances released through the brand were Fame and Eau De Gaga. Promotional advertising for both was shot and directed by Steven Klein.[22][23]


Haus of Gaga App[edit]

On February 23, 2009, the Haus of Gaga App was released for the iPhone and iPod Touch.[24][non-primary source needed] It was created by Universal Music Group and is offered as a free download through the App Store. The main feature of the app are webisodes starring Lady Gaga called “Transmission Gagavision” in which she discusses her fashion inspirations and the works created by the Haus design team. The webisodes were produced on a weekly basis from June 24, 2008 until March 31, 2009. On March 30, 2011, Gaga announced that the webisodes would return during the first week of April.[25] On April 6, she released webisode number 41, under the shortened name Gagavision. The app also includes tour dates, news, and allows fans to chat with each other. Billboard named the Haus of Gaga app as one of the top five artist apps for the iPhone.[26]

Haus of Gaga Blog[edit]

The Haus of Gaga Blog was written by Lady Gaga as a promotional effort for her debut album The Fame. It was hosted on, her official website. Updated sporadically between May 1 and December 22, 2008, Gaga wrote a total of 29 blog posts. Most of her entries focus on details about her videos and performances, particularly the wardrobes and props created by the Haus of Gaga. Also discussed are fashion, celebrities, music artists, and fan videos. Some of the posts provided insight into recent Haus designs, including pictures of items in production.[27][non-primary source needed]

Little Monsters[edit]

Members of the Haus started profiles on Lady Gaga's Little Monsters social network and have been able to interact with fans from around the world and share personal content. Gaga uses the website to share rare behind-the-scenes photographs of her life, release exclusive content, and communicate directly with fans in the chatroom.[28]

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