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Hauser's Memory was a 1970 science fiction television movie that was directed by Boris Sagal and starred Susan Strasberg, David McCallum, Lilli Palmer, Robert Webber and Leslie Nielsen.[1][2][3] The screenplay by Adrian Spies was based on a 1968 novel of the same name by Curt Siodmak,[4] which reworked the central idea of his novel Donovan's Brain (1943).[5]

The dying scientist Hauser knows of missile secrets. In order to preserve this information, the CIA has scientist Hillel Mondoro (McCallum) inject himself with the cerebrospinal fluid extracted from Hauser. However, Hauser's wife Anna (Palmer) turns out to be pro-Nazi, and the memory of this woman also become imprinted on Mondoro's mind. Hauser's memory starts to take control of Mondoro and causes him to try to even out some old scores.[1][5]

This film was a nominee for the 1971 Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation.[6]


Filming Locations[edit]

  • Palace Hotel, Copenhagen


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